Not Dominant? Not Interested.

I really don't understand men who are not dominant, who don't control the women in their lives. It embaresses me to be out somewhere with my husband and her a woman talk back to her man and he just takes it. It makes me uncomfortable to hear a woman interrupt men in convesation instead of waiting for them to aknowlage her. It creeps me out to hear a man ask his wife rather than being decisive and telling her what it is that he wants. I cannot beleive that the men or the women in those relatinships are truely happy. I was raised in a male centric, male dominant home. My mother, my sisters and I were all obedient to Daddy and it was our joy to make him happy and pleased with us. Mother and we girls always knew who we were and what was expected from us. We were secure in the knowlage that Daddy loved us was taking care of us and in return all we had to do was to obey his rules and the greatest joy me had was when he was pleased with us. My husband dominates me totally, and I am happily his property. Girls want and need a strogn father growing up and a woman needs a man to keep her in line as an adult.  I fI ever came close to behaing like some women, I'd get the whipping of my life.
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everbody can't possibly be like you rachelle.

I feel a woman still should have a mind of her own, to be able to think, not always to be told what to do. Someday you may find yourself in a position of needing to think for yourself, if your husband should die unexpectedly, how would you handle things, with no one to Tell you what to do?<br />
something to think about

AMEN !<br />
you are a woman who know who she is.............<br />
i applaud you. BRAVA !!<br />
it's too bad that more women won't/don't read your views.


I completely agree: A man who doesn't dominate his woman is weak and I'm far from understanding that. Also: feminism has brainwashed generations of men and women to believe in equal rights... Just tell these girls where their real place is and make sure they obey. I cannot stand public disrespect and my wife will get spanked if she's outta line.

Subbie,<br />
Excellent, very true comment!<br />
I like to be submissive but only in the bedroom. Otherwise I am the leader.<br />
As you said, a person cannot give up control if you didn't had it, and to give it up to someone you trust, you have to be strong and you are actually in charge.

it all depends on your mindset i think, and how you were raised. for me the idea of being an "independent" woman is terrifying...

See for me, being that dependant is scary.

Spot on ... exactly right Mrsrachelle.<br />
<br />
If only they knew.