He Say I Do

i dont mean like some mindless robot but most of what i do ...i do because my man asks me or tells me to do them.i do have a brain and i use it alot so if you thinking like...go play in traffic...go hang my self....go do something to hurt myself? no....go **** your self! he would NEVER in a miloin years do anything or tell me to do anythingthat would really hurt me our endanger me.
my cloths? mostly they are so can look good for him so most of the time i wear what he picks or work with his ideas for what he want me to look like
free time? is mine unless he asks me or tells me something special he wants me to do or place he wants me to be
my friends? he is TOTALY hands off!!
sex? what he wants when he wants anything he wants.has had medo ALOT of things i was totaly not comfortable with and some were real painful at first but never had me do anything that was way dangerous or going to hurt me bad and he never EVER leaves me hanging at the end of the night/day/week/month/what ev. in the end i have always been so happy about the things he has taught me and the pleasure he gives me
he always has what is best for me inmind and i dont want for anything. he never abuses me and would kill anybody that ever tried to hurt me make me do anything he did not think was ok
i love my man and he loves me
would not change a thing :)
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Beautiful... and beautifully said.

thank you :)

You're very welcome.