You Can't Beat A Dominant Man!

I am attracted to dominant men for reasons inherent to women, rooted in my childhood and based on life experience.

I believe that it is human nature for the male to dominate the female. Of course, there are always exceptions to norms. I think there are also degrees of dominance varying throughout species and individual cases. Since I am a human woman, i will speak of that.

Saying that I like dominant men is not the same as saying I want to be dominated by every man i encounter and in every aspect of my life. My desire for dominant men, I believe is in inherent in my DNA. I, as a woman, am a physically weaker being. I lack the strength to do many things a man can do. A dominant man will be able to help me with tasks that are too physically taxing for me, and because of his power, he can protect me.

My childhood served as a reinforcement for the inherent feminine need for a dominant male. In my family, my mother was an extremely domineering and controlling woman in her treatment with me. I never saw her tell my dad what to do. It was as if she knew her boundaries with him. Another aspect of my childhood that caused me to desire dominant men is the fact that I always wanted my father to protect me from my mother. He didn't do that regularly; so, I search for the man who will.

I have also experience from throughout my adult life to reinforce my attraction to dominant men. I have been married 2 times. Neither were dominant. I used to wish they would make a decision without me ,occasionally. I wanted them to suggest things, to think of ideas, to tell me what to do...not boss me around, but guide me when needed. I wanted them to initiate sex most of the time. They did not do those things. I am tired of having to figure out everything myself, and do everything myself. I don't like to have to ask a man to do everything all the time.
I am not attracted to dominant men so they can wait on me. I want to make them happy and comfortable. I want to give pleasure. Some could say that pleasing a dominant male is, in reality, a selfish thing. Having a dominant man helps insure a woman's happiness and well being. If he is well cared for, she will be too.
I wrote this to clarify for myself why I like dominant men and to please the dominant man in my life.
Scorchia Scorchia
66-70, F
2 Responses Aug 14, 2013

You've done a good job of explaining to yourself about yourselfas well as to we who read this

Very well put, That is the way people of our generation were brought up. Typically the mail was the ruler of the household while mom was usually the disciplinarian but what dad said was the way it would go. It's also nice to see the phrase male dominance taken out of the sexual context that it has become.