My Wifes Dom Lover

We were 3 years into our marriage when this happened.  After our honeymoon, my wife and I agreed that she would have other men as lovers.  I didn't know it at the time but I am, what most would call, a cuckold. There was no term for what we were doing back then and it was very unconventional (to say the least).  Only her sister, her mom and her clostest gf knew she was seeing other men - but i'm sure others had suspecions.

This happened when we were both 23 years old in 1987. 

At the time my wife had a steady lover that she had been seeing for 6 months.  He was married and he used my wife for sex since his wife didnt enjoy having sex anymore.  She met him at a bar when she was out with her gfs (my wife was the first of her gfs to marry). He was very dominate and made it clear that she was for his use sexually and she would do whatever he questions.   This wasnt hard for my wife since she was naturally submissive - actually we both are. 

Her lover called her the night before and told her to meet him at a local park at 2pm the next day.  I drove her to meet him at the park.  There were rules - I was to remain in the car while he had sex with her.  My only job was to drive her to him and then drive her home - i was to have no involvement during the time he was with her.

When we arrive at the park It was a hot and humid August day - near 95 degrees.  There are lots of people around - walking, jogging, kids playing on swinget, etc. My wife was wearing a pair of very short jean shorts, some very sexy lace panties and a tank t-shirt with no bra (she has small, perky breasts) ....she was TOLD to wear that outfit by her lover.  He always dictated how she was to dress when they met.

We pulled up in a remote parking lot in rear of the park.  Her lover was parked close to the jogging path and the path that led to the bathrooms.  She went to his car to meet him.  He took her hand and walked her down the path.....I assume he was taking her into the woods for sex but my jaw almost hit the ground when i saw him turn toward the mens room.  I was getting hard but also scared when I saw him open the mens room door for her and saw her willingly walk in.

She had never been in a mens bathroom - let alone a public one in a semi-busy park.  They were in the mens room for about 5 minutes when another car pulled into the parking lot next to his car.  A guy got out - he was dressed to go for a run - wearing jogging shorts, mesh tshirt and running shoes (late 80s look)- he was built, buff and in good shape - muscular.  He had a water bottle in his hand and was stretching his legs - it appeared that he was getting ready for a run.  He started toward the jogging path but then walked down the small path toward the mens room.  I was too far away to run in ahead of him and warn them.  My mind was spinning - who knows what my wife and her lover were doing or what this guy would do if he caught them - what if he called the cops or saw her with her lover.  I waited, and waited, and waited but the other man remained in the mens room.

My mind was going crazy - my wife was in the bathroom with her lover and now another man was there too - I couldn't take it anymore so I got out of the car and walked toward the bathroom.  The rule was that I had to remain in the car but I had to find out what was going on and make sure she was ok.  As I approached the mens room I could hear multiple voices -  I heard a man laughing and another saying YEAH and then i recognized a faint, high pitched moan coming from my wife.  I listened a little more and heard one of the men say  "yeah **** that *****" and then heard one a voice calling out things like "you ****" , "take it ***** etc."  I wanted to go in and help her but I knew she would be angry and my agreement was that I would stay in the car.

So I went back to the car and waited.  About 10 minutes later both men came out of the mens room at the same time - both were smiling.  My wifes lover walked over to his car, looked over at me waved and smiled then got into his car and drove away.  The other man started running down the jogging path. 

I looked at the mens room door and a minute later my wife came out.  She was a complete mess - her clothes and hair were soaking wet.  Her nipples were hard and clearly visible thru her wet white tank tshirt. She smiled as she approached the car and got in.  I reached over and put my hand around her shoulder and she moved her mouth toward mine ..... as her lips approached mine I could smell *** and as her tongue entered my mouth i could taste it. I gave her a long kiss and started the car and drove home.

As we drove him I asked her "what happened?".  She told me that her lover brought her into the mens room.  She said the mens room was nasty and whole place smelled like urine.  He had to pee so he brought my wife to the urinal with him.  He told her to unzip his pants and pull out his **** and hold it as he peed.  She admitted that she had never seen a urinal and she felt powerful holding and aiming his **** as he peed.  She said she was giggling as he was peeing and said it was fun holding him as he peed and commented on how forceful he peed and that she was moving his **** around peeing up and down in the urinal.   When he finished he told her to get on her knees - she did and said the smell of urine from the urinals was very strong.  When she knelt down she said she felt something wet under her knees and realized she was kneelin in a small puddle of urine on the floor at the base of the urinal.  He told my wife to give him a bj - she reached out and grabbed his soft **** and moved it toward her mouth.  As she put his **** in her mouth he told her he saved a little pee and was going to finishing in her mouth..... he told her to get ready and to drink it when he started peeing.  She told me she was scared but did as she was told - she said she felt the same forceful stream that she had watched hitting the back of her throat and she swallowed as fast as she could as he peed.  She also admitted that it didnt taste bad, that she actually LIKED IT, and that it turned her on.  She said he also called her his personal urinal as she was drinking his pee.

After he was done peeing he told her to start sucking him.  She is very good at oral sex and loved gving bjs.  She said as she was giving her lover oral sex when the mens room door swung open and another guy came in.  She tried to get up but he held her head down no his **** and told her to keep going.  The other guy stopped and watched as she was sucking on her lover.  The stranger then walked over next to her, pulled down his jogging shorts, and held his **** near her face. She looked up at her lover and he said "suck him".  I was speechless as she told the story - she was in a public mens room giving a bj to a complete stranger.  As she was started going down on this stranger, he took his water container, unscrewed the lid, and poured the water over her head and all over her body - completely soaking her.  She admitted it shocked her but it also felt good because it was so hot in the mens room. 

Her lover then told her to stand up and take off her wet clothes. He pulled her wet shirt over her head and she pulled down her shorts and panties - he took her wet clothes from her and threw them on the floor under the urinals.  Her lover got behind her, bent her over at the waist, and started ******* her from behind in the middle of the mens room. The other guy moved in front of her and she put her hands on his hips to help balance herself and then went down on him as her continued ******* her from behind.  She admitted that she had never been so scared and so turned on - it was her first time in a public mens room, first time she had ever been made to drink pee, and her first 2-some ever!  Her lover continued to **** her from behind as the other guy was sliding his **** down her throat forcefully - gagging her.  She said both men were laughing, 5 five'ing each other and calling her names during. She said she felt very dirty but couldnt help but be turned on .

She then felt her lover pick up his pace - ******* her harder and harder.  Then she heard him grunt as he orgasmed inside of her.  Her lover held himself inside of her until he was completely done - then pulled out of her and zipped up his pants.  He told her to get on her knees and "finish off" the other guy.  She dropped to her knees and continued to suck the other man until he orgasmed in her mouth and on her face.  After he orgasmed he zipped up his pants and both men left - my wife was left kneeling on the floor with *** in her mouth, dripping from her face, and running down the inside of her thighs.

She picked up her wet clothes from under the urinal, wiped the *** from her face, got dressed, and walked back to the car where i was waiting.  

When we got home I helped her out of her wet clothes and layed her on the bed naked. I then got between her legs and I gave her oral so she could feel satisfied and have an ****** too.

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this story is a TURN ON, very hot!


very hot

holy **** that's hot!!!!