Dominant Diva's

Orgasmic gratification isn't present only in the physical act necessarily for me,its in all form of gestures, looks, voice & posture. Dominance is an attitude itself that molds a divas very sexual expression.

I have been lucky to crawl & grovel at the feet or be roped at the foot of their silken beds to know the yearning that seeps from pro longed sexual arousal by denial.

The snap of their fingers,the tone of voice, the swing of their lethal legs makes our juices flow, prolonged arousal ultimately leading to only disappointing denial only fans the flames of craving & animal lust for release.

The scent of their lotion ed feet combined with delicious aroma that emanates from exquisite shoes puts even Dior to dire shame.
jonnylong jonnylong
36-40, M
May 9, 2012