I Enjoy Being Dom And Master

As a Dom / Master I find the world to be full of exciting and fun opportunities. There is no feeling more enjoyalbe or rewarding than having a sub / slave serve you with total respect and absolute committment to please you.

I believe that any good Dom will earn the desire of his sub/slave to please him. TO me fear is not the way to gain or retain respect, some fear is a great asset and tool in managing ones sub/slave but the ultimate is to have the sub/slave DESIRE to serve and please their DOM/ MASTERĀ  from care and respect rather than from fear of what he will do to them if they dont. Not saying this is right for everyone, it is not, each DOM / MASTER will have his own style, methods, needs, desires and requirements and it is up to him to chose what is right for him.

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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I think you make such a great point about earning the desire of your sub! Many don't understand the value of that.

I think there are some dominant types out there who think they should be worshiped/adored/served simply because they want to be. I think those are the ones who HAVE to use fear with their subs. Those guys are just bullies, and frankly I think that is a little lazy. The second that fear or abuse lets up, that is the second the desire to please lets up; the desire to please is based on avoiding pain/shame/what ever the source of the abuse is.

A Dom (or, hell, any person in a relationship, for that matter) who earns the desire and respect of their sub has a sub who ALWAYS wants to please - a sub who wants to be worthy of their Dom.

I am a complete, total, utter bottom. I have a sub-side, but I don't think I'm a complete sub. When I have a Top or Dom who earns my respect, I really want to please him and will be very 'active' about it. The second I feel I'm being bullied or abused simply for the sake of making some loser feel better about himself, that's the second I'm outta there.

I would be very interested in hearing what you (and others) have to say about this.

i would love to be a sub or slave