I Had Went To The Website That Changed My Life

The website is called. http://www.thevalkyrie.com. I don't know why, but when I was young I was into girls with muscular legs. Why was I into girls with muscular legs. I was 13, 14, at the time, and it was ex-friend fault. He would come over my house and go to the perverted websites. Then my uncle would talk about denise austin, and he would say her hard legs, and her hard body, and he jerked it off. Why couldn't I just have a regular girlfriend, to **** and to **** again. But, no. Then I had fantasies about my aunt's feet. Yes, it is sick and perverted, I know, what can I do about it, my good friends. Please don't say no nut doctor. But, anyways, my aunt was light skinned, and she used to wear sandals, and closed toe shoes, my **** would get an erec.... Then she would be in my father's room, watching tv, with her shoes off. So she comes over, and in the winter, and she walked around with blue stockings, but they were see through blue stockings, and you can see her toes, through the stockings, and then her heels. She was petite, and a little overweight. Then sometimes, she went over my uncles, house, and get on the computer, and then I used to through  my male cousin, tried to grab at her feet, and I did once or twice. I then, used to like my female cousin feet. I have a lot more. I will write some more as soon as possible.


This is like a confession also:

But I want all the feedback. Because this is why, I missed out on being in love with a real genuine girl, because of my perversions, and very sick behavior. I was 11,12, 13 at the time this happened.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 7, 2010