I Like Donkeys...

.....AND YOU CAN KISS MY ***!!!

hee haw!

eta: Now includes pig?? Pigs are lovely too :)
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The donkeys still wondering who came first ... the Chicken or the egg

ahahahahhahahah errr... ahhahaahahah...err.. I got nothing. I just hope he's not going to get the *** end of the deal and discover he was one of a dozen easy lays :P

The donkey says hee's saw and now the chicken wants a smoke

Oh he's just egging you on with his donkey tails of woahhhhh....

No no no .... im pretty sure the chiken said Oink and the Donkey said .... HEE HAWAYS calls me that ....

I don't think so. Even though this was a story about donkeys, and the chicken was largely uninvited, even if it is sitting ON TOP OF THE DONKEY, with its feet firmly planted on the OUTSIDE of the donkey's HINDQUARTERS (ie the ***'s ***)... I am quite sure that there is now a pig. I heard it loud and clear. Oink for oliver the ostrich, I do believe?

That was ... um .... the chicken .... yes the chicken !! Yes thats it ...

Errr... exactly how many animals are involved in this particular story again?!?!?! WHERE DID THE PIG COME FROM???

You lika them Chicken feet ? YES ??<br />

For donkey's sake, woman, stop wiggling that damn thing about up there!!!!

Uncomfortable are we ? ..... HEE HAW HEE HAW !!

ahahahah SURE, SURE. YOU WROTE IT, I KNOW YOU DID :P The joke is there, right next to your name! *shifts about on his seat uncomfortably*

said the man with the chicken to the man with the donkey <br />
" Two ft of my #### in your *** " <br />
<br />
< SHUDDER > terrible joke I DIDNT WRITE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Err... "I don't know, what would I get if you put your chicken legs in my donkey???"

Said the man with the chicken to the man with the donkey ... "what would you get if i put my chickens legs in your donkey ?? "

Did you make that up? There’s a good Christmas cracker joke in that... "What did the donkey herder say to the man who got in his way?" <br />
"Kiss my *SS" <br />
"And what did the man say back?" <br />
"Hee Haw"<br />
I could laugh for days on that one, but instead I’ll give you a 5 rating.