Apple, Jam And Rings

Any kind of doughnut really, ring doughnut, jam doughnut, apple doughnut, particularly if warm and covered in sugar. I'd love one right now (must keep away from the food groups)
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:-O I don't know what you're trying to say!?!<br />
<br />
*innocent face*

Your cherry was never on the table for trading. A black licorice was though. I had to watch Sammy while I was there.

You're right it was trading but wasn't it a lick of a chocolate donut for a go at my juicy cherry?

lol. That was trading. Or it could have been licking. It was my story. I guess I could check.

I think we've spoken before about the joys in licking chocolate donut holes lol

That comment is so dirty as a stand alone.

Really? lol I think the bakers eat all of our hole's. It would explain why they're always so fat and jolly

We get them as Tim Bits. Ya they poke out the holes and then sell them back to us.

What? Just because they don't all have holes through the middle? I always feel gipped with ring donuts. I want the middle too....I bet it's the best part!

Bleed your doughnuts are sooooo different than ours.

*Oh not really Sam* ------------------------->

Sounds yummy

Have you seen the finger donuts that have loads of cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce. MMMM I love to wrap my lips round that. Of course you have to give it a slight squeeze and lick the excess cream off first. Otherwise, it can end up going all over your lips and chin

I do like them with a glaze,<br />
I do like them on most days .<br />
But I do not like them filled with jam<br />
I don not like those<br />
Sam I am.