mmmmm Warm Jam Donuts .... OMG !!  I can taste it now ...... mmmmmmm


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Ow !! Hey ... watch it Dodo i was waiting for marji !! .... Geepers the donuts dont stay fresh for long !!! hmmm another round of your best jam donuts please baker ..

Oh no, we made it into the darn "most commented stories" list with yet another extremely serious and life changing story!! *throws a donut to marji* *hurls a donut AT caroli9's head*

Krispy Kremes ??? ..... Donuts !! mmmm JAM donuts ... i know not of these Krispy Kremes !!

aww only one .... Here ya go Catch !!! opps sorry ... that wasnt a donut ..... OK Here ya go .... Catch !!! ... oh sorry ... that wasnt a donut either ... here this one ... ready ... one, two, three .... CATCH!!!

Oh no! Now I only have one donut left. I shall treasure it and treasure it and treasure it. And then eat it. YUM.

Pelting me with more donuts means less donuts for you :P <br />
Har ... tricked you !!

Oh, fine. If you're going to pull the faucet lever.... (..o.) (.o..) (`.o`) (o`.) (`.`o.) (``. o.)

What the ??? My hands are already full of donuts .... teasing ? thats just cruel ... sob sob ....

Yes I can...CATCH!!!! Har har! Tricked you.

YIPPIE !! Got them all ..... I was ready that time .... You cant throw them and then say Catch !!

*looks at all the donuts on the floor* HMMMM. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?? (.o..) (`.o`) (``. o.) (..o.) (o`.) (`.`o.) ... Catch!!!

Hey ... i wasnt ready !!

(..o.) (.o..) (`.o`) (o`.) (`.`o.) (``. o.) ... Catch!!!

I still love warm jam donuts !! You cant make me not (ack ack ) You cant !!!!!

donkey saliva-chicken foot flavoured jam donuts? are you *sure* that jam donuts are really such a good idea?

Unless you wanted your donut to taste like chicken feet .... no

Licking sugar goodness off the lips? I guess I shouldn't have given my donut to the donkey to get the jam out then? :|

Your way sounds like so much fun .... NOT !! I like the two way then you have the added bonus of licking sugary goodness of the lips ... mmmmm jam donuts....

No, that's not how counting goes! Two way is lips and suck, Three way is straw. Four way is... use a knife and stab the donut until all the jam comes out!

Well one way is to put the donut up to your lips and suck ... or get a straw

Ah, but what is Two way to get the jam out?

That is One way to get the jam out ... heheha

Well now, don't hold back or I *SIT* on the donut to make the jam come out...

I am so in need of a jam donut !! <br />
haha I was just thinking of explaining how to get the jam out .... tsk tsk ... Cheeky you !!!

Jam goes in???? But how?? Jam comes out, too.