Especially Now That I'm On...

Especially now that I'm on a diet. I have to imagine what they taste like. I stand around and sniff the dougnuts when my daughter eats hers.
sweetd sweetd
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

This is exactly what we tell our patients on diets NOT TO DO. You are setting yourself up for a short time failure, if you avoid your cravings altogether. Once a week or in two, cut off a small slab of donut, and INDULGE! With time you might find yourself getting away from them completely. Meantime, use the small piece as a reward for loosing some pounds or inches, and to stave off the craving. Then go walking or some activity to burn a bit of it off! :)

I like things i dont even like when im on a diet! Kids dont like it when you drool on their doughnuts do they lol. My kids tell me im worse than the dog.