How to Tell If a Doughnut Is Awesome

Okay, hot Krispy Kremes are number one for all time, hands down.  That said, here's how to tell if other doughnuts are awesome:

  • It's kinda heavy.  This means that there is not much air in the dough, so when you bite it, you get a satisfying, chewy bite; and if it's filled, there's enough filling in that sucker.
  • It has a lot of glaze, so that when you bite it, you get that crunch from the crackled, drying glaze...NOT the feeling in your mouth of dry, unadorned doughnut.
  • Now, this rule is controversial, so bear with me: No self-respecting doughnut that plans to be eaten should have SPRINKLES.  Sprinkles make the doughnut look appealing, special, fantasy-like, but they do NOT feel good in your mouth, or add anything at all to the actual taste of the doughnut, and as such, should be avoided.
  • All fillings should be thick and sweet.  Nothing is worse than boston creme dripping out of your unglazed long john (and yes, I'm still talking about doughnuts!)
  • Mmmm...I'm thinkin' one might be good right now!  Meet you at the doughnut shop!
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    2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

    a really good donut when you bite into it, the richness of the taste and the smoothness of the texture should hit you. and you are killed by the perfection of the donut

    Ahhahaaah thats great, doughnuts are better than sex "did I just say that??"... Well it's true!