My Niece.

I was particularly missing my niece last night, so I started drawing her. This is what i have so far. It is not done, though. Need to work on the shirt and background.

It actually looks like me when I was younger, so I guess that's why everyone thought she was my daughter.

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Wow! That is amazing!

Awww, she's very cute. And you're very good at this!

Girls like that are just sad, I can't stand them >.<

She was only trying to break up with you without trying to make her seem selfish and stupid. But she looked that way anyway. :P I would've laughed too.<br />
<br />
I will try! :] Hopefully, he will get the hang of it.

I don't think she met anyone else. I think I remember straight up asking her what was going on. And she just spilled it all out. <br />
Hah.. She told me then that She's bi. Thinking it would "help me" get over her? I don't think I come off as judgmental or anti gay? I actually laughed at that ridiculous comment I was so .. in a blur. <br />
<br />
Haha. Help him learn!

Ugh, girls like her make me mad. I hate when girls lead guys on, or when they act like they only stayed with that person because they didn't want to hurt them. Truth is, girls do that because they don't want to be alone, and when they find someone else who is better, they can break up with the guy they're with. <br />
Hehe, I love talking that way. My guy doesn't really like it because he's not very good at it and never knows what to say back to me. :]

Yeah.<br />
Heheh.<br />
Hah, she probably thinks she was being selfless. She waited because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. Would have been less pain if it was sooner though. Cause I felt like a fool after realizing for months after she started only feeling of me a friend, we hugged and kissed between each class period. She was just doing those things to cover it up... Makes me feel sick..<br />
Yeah, I met someone once who talked in a shakespeare/pirate way. It was awesome! I wish I could fluently.. but no one else does so..

Yeah, I know. Hope is not all it's cracked up to be.<br />
Oh, it's okay. I've tried to be sarcastic on here, and I know how it doesn't work. :P But yeah, girls can be horrible sometimes. They think they aren't hurting the other person, and can be very selfish.<br />
Hehe, well, I like writing in that way. :] I find it fun, but a lot of people find it annoying when I do it.

mm.. hope.<br />
Hehe.<br />
I don't agree with it, 'somehow' was sarcastic. Forgot it doesn't show.. sorry. Hurts like hell when it's semi out of the blue. I noticed her acting different. But she told me everything was fine, just tired of family. I believed her..<br />
Heheh, getting tired of it?

:P-eth<br />
<br />
I know, right? Hehe-eth. (Haha!)

^^-eth<br />
<br />
haha this is fun



Yeah, I know. But it's good to have hope.<br />
:P I knew that.<br />
I don't know if I agree with that so much; it hurts a lot to lose them.<br />
Hmm, I agree-eth with you-eth on that one-eth. :P Hehehe

Heh, anything is possible, some things just not likely.<br />
I meant maybe one day I'll send you a photo of it<br />
Mmm, somehow it's better to love and lose..<br />
If I am to be amazing, thou must be awesome.

Hmmm, I guess anything's possible. :)<br />
Yeah, the guy from the art class, I loved him a lot, and sometimes I think about him still.<br />
Hehe! <br />
Hath you no sense? It is not I, but thou who art amazing in ways be'st not forgotten.

Maybe one day..<br />
She.. was. I have a story somewhere about that.. Maybe a blog? That was a while ago.. Can't help but still love her though... =/<br />
Haha! <br />
Thou art... amazing.

Thank you so much. :) She is the most beautiful.

Oh yeah... I mean, Thou should hath known of such skill I possess! :P

Hehehe, niiiiice!! I'd love to see it.<br />
That sucks. She was probably lame though. :P<br />
I told you I was a powerful ninja!

Mine is in the living room >.< all the world that comes into our house can see it..<br />
Heheh! Met my first girlfriend in my second art class. We set our classes so we'd always have art together, she broke up with me the next year. Still took the classes together though.. <br />
I did! :D<br />
No, no, I do greatly loveth Shakespearean! Mine self faltered, for thou art a powerful ninja that taketh me by surprise!

:P I hung mine in my room, hehe.<br />
No, not in high school, though I would have loved to taken one. But not because the guy I crushed on hard was in that class. >_><br />
Haha, you can look if you want.<br />
No? Thou art not interested in Shakespearean? :P Too bad, you would have been an even cooler ninja! Hehe

Yeah. Step in, turn right, RIGHT THERE. xD<br />
None in highschool? Hmm.. I've had art classes from elementary to highschool. Could explain things..<br />
SQUIRT! I'll have to go look at that!<br />
O.O'<br />
<br />
PEANLO! Don't embarrass me! >.<

Thanks! :]

Oh, I love the Squirt drawing, it's awesome!!<br />
Lovely haha =]

She hung it in her house? That's nice! :]<br />
I want to take a drawing class, since I haven't taken a good one yet. All the ones I ever took were in middle school, and we didn't really draw anything.<br />
I'm sure your first is just as good as my first. :] The first one I ever did was the turtle, Squirt, from "Finding Nemo". I have a picture of it in my albums.<br />
Ahhh, thou art a ninja who speaketh Shakespearean. Niiice. :]

Oh but I am haha, it's nice to see that you're not always under the bed/in a bush/invisible.

No it doesn't! Dx Noo!<br />
Yea! Lol, there is a 'Learn how to Draw!' ad right there! --><br />
Hers didn't turn out too bad though. She said she loved it anyway. And it's hanging in her house o.o<br />
Heh, I was late turning in my portrait.. took TOO much time on it.. >.><br />
Your 2nd? Looks better then my first! I don't like my own work..<br />
Oh? Well I welcome thee too. *secret ninja handshake/wave*<br />
<br />
You don't seem too thrilled to see me here peanlo? Yes.. soon.

*hugattack* Thanks floyd! :D

Woah awesome! :)

Hehe, youtube has better ninja skills than you. :P<br />
And yeah, I know what you're talking about. I'm an alright drawer, but if you really want it to look good, then you can. You just have to spend more time on it and really be patient. This is only my 2nd drawing using shading and not just lines. :P<br />
You're welcome, Turbulence. I welcome the sight of other ninjas such as myself. Hehe

Nice to see ya Turbulence =P And I'll find out if you're any good soon enough ;)<br />
<br />
Hahaha niiiiice

:D <br />
*slowly steps out* Heheh, I'm don't think I'm a very great draw-er, but my first portrait, self portrait (maybe that explains why it was good, I wanted myself to look great?) people sa-- WTF WAS THAT?? <br />
Oh.. youtube video starting.. >.> --- said was one of the best in the whole art class. My step sister asked for her's done for a birthday ago. This was also years ago when I had less skill and practice..<br />
Breathes.. gosh.. that was a ton!<br />
:D Why thank you allyrs!

Hehe, maybe so. :P

LOL just cause it's easy for you naturals, doesn't mean it's easy for us others.

Hi! ^_^<br />
I know! It is simple! Finally, someone who agrees with me. :D<br />
Hmm, I like your ninja style skillz.

*peeks out from behind peanlo* Hello.. =)<br />
I have to agree with allyrs, it is simple.. >.><br />
*ninja flip into bushes*

If you keep trying, I'm sure you'd get better! :]

Agree with Arorin, it's not that simple.

Heh, I got the picture to darken. ^__^ So it looks a little bit better now in the story. <br />
<br />
But yeah, it does work!

-_- it doesnt work..

Hmm, well, practice then.

Wow, you're really good! I wish it came that easy to me xD

I cant do it though. I really wish I could!

It looks better in person than in that picture, but meh, I don't have a scanner here. <br />
<br />
It's really easy, to be honest. :] Just draw and shade.

lol yeah.. you are so much better then i am. i wish i knew how.

Niiiice. =]

i can draw stick figures! woo!