I've Been Drawing For Forever.

I use to mess around and just doodle. I've also been a little bit of a writer. Poetry mostly, but I have written a few pretty good stories. Off and on I've done this. I did it even in high school, and the more I did it in high school, the more heavily I got into it. I even took a few art classes. Photography, art, advanced art, ceramics...When graduation came, I stopped drawing for a while. I was really depressed and bummed out because I knew I'd never see most of my friends again, which was definitely a fact.
    But then I got really into webcomics, and I got heavily into my artwork. So I've been drawing trying to perfect my skills, so far I haven't gotten very far, but I wont give up.
    I also eventually got a digital camera and got into taking photos regularly. I still take a lot of photos. But, there's just too many to post on deviant art, so I choose a limited 5 or so out of hundreds to throw up on the site. Only the best make it there.
    I write, but I don't always post my stuff on deviant art. I've posted a few poems, but none of my stories are on there. All my stories are explicit material, and I don't post them on deviant art for just anyone to see. However I do have an account somewhere where I do post.
    You can check out my drawings, photography, and writing on deviantart: http://somechick73.deviantart.com
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4 Responses Jun 20, 2007

It's not half assed, if thats what you're thinking, and if you really wanna see some good stuff go here: http://tbartblog.blogspot.com thats where my good stuff is.

I checked out your Deviantart stuff. Surprisingly good. Just like playing guitar, or anything else half way creative, you need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!<br />
Keep your sense of humor handy, you'll need it. The whole mess is an exercise in pushing out boundaries, so being serious about it, as in taking yourself too seriously, is kind of pointless.

atrogirl: I'm glad you think so, thanks.

Good luck with your art!