Dreams Are Fascinating

I think dreams are fascinating, I don't always remember them when I wake up but I frequently do and I have had some great adventures in my dreams and have met some interesting people. I have also have had 2 dreams in which I shared them with my boyfriends, I mean really shared them as in we both remembered having the same exact dream the next morning. I remember both of the times this happened and what the dreams were about. One of the times my boyfriend had just got back into to town from having flown to his home town in Indiana for his best friend in college's wedding and had shown me photos of his trip the night before and I had a dream that I went back to Indiana with him and went to the museum he had showed my photos of and I dreamed that we had a big fight in the museum over an old girlfriend of his who use to call him all of the time before he went back to the wedding. When he woke up I told him about the dream and he told me he also had a dream in which he took me back to Indiana with him and I got mad at him for talking to his ex-girlfriend. That is way too similar a dream to be just a coincidence, I believe we were in the same dream via our minds. The other dream I shared with a different boyfriend about 20 years later was also after this boyfriend had just gotten back from a trip out of town and I dreamed that I went with him to a wedding, one I knew we both had been invited to together but it hadn't happened yet, in a town about 5 hours away and we also got into a fight because a girl that he had visited on the trip he had just gotten back from was also at the wedding and was flirting with him in front of me. When I told this boyfriend I had a dream that we went to the wedding together that was coming up and got into a big fight he told me he had almost exactly the same dream. Once again I don't believe that this was a coincidence. I don't know if those were the only two dreams I have ever shared with another person but they are the only two that I remembered long enough to talk to someone else and compare notes, so to speak. I also wonder if jealousy and strong feelings played a part in why both of these boyfriends and I remembered the dreams we shared s well. The mind is a powerful force and very interesting.
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 7, 2012