long before i was paying attention to the makers of movies, i noticed that some movies are good from begining to end,
and others are just barely wachable.... i knew that famous disney sigh, so i naturally thought that all animation movies were disney...
but seeing such difference from movie to movie, i couldent believe that the same brand would make my fave and worst movies...
so i started paying attention to the producers, and realized that all my fave movies were made by dreamworks!
granted, other companies make great movies too, but now i know that if i take a dreamworks movie, im garenteed to have a good
time to the last second.....some exmples are : shrek, puss in boots, spirit stallion of the cimmarron, road to el dorado, kung fu panda,
and Sinbad- Legend of the seven seas...to name a few...
so when it comes to animation, dreamworks is my # 1!  :)
Sep 11, 2011