Forced To Dress - Now Loving It

After my wife and I got married and I got laid off from work. I was just taking it easy since Jan had such a good job. This only lasted a couple of weeks when Jan insisted that I start doing everything around the house that a good wife would do. I truly balked at her suggestion and said I will find work. After 2 weeks of searching (not very hard) my wife decided it was time for a change. One Saturday morning she suggested I do the laundry and I told her guys don't do laundry. She just shrugged ok and got in her car and left. She was gone for an hour and returned with a package that she handed me. It contained a complete maids uniform, panties nylons and high heels. She told me to put it on and I refused. With that she took my 5' 5" frame by the nape of the neck drug me to the kitchen table pulled out a chair sat down and turned me over her knee. Pulling down my PJ's she commenced to spank me like a child on my bare bottom. Soon I was blubbering and begging her to stop. She would only hesitate long enough to ask me if I was ready to get dressed. Then she would resume spanking my poor backside. Soon I pleaded I would do anything if only she would stop.

When she let me up I went into the bedroom and put on my new unifrom and came out to the kitchen to show Jan. Her eyes lit up a she exclaimed that I looked perfect. She then handed me a list of chores to do and left promising than if the list wasn't complete when she got back I would get a trip back over her knee.

Thats been almost a year and I have just fell in love with female attire. I wear it 24/7 now and take care of the house completely. I am now the housewife and wouldn't have it any other way.Occassionally I still feel the taste of her hairbrush on my bare bottom but I wouldn't trade my life for nothing
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This is the Way Successful Women Should treat the Men in their Lives. Gender Role Reversal is Fantasric! You are an Awesome Couple!

I just love my way of life. Very seldom am I not in a dress