Dressing Husband Up

I love dressing my husband up, its so fun and turns me on so much. Whats also fun is going shopping together for outfits and matching outfits, we get some funny looks at the checkout when we buy matching lingerie and they are two different sizes. Its just clothing and its really spices things up in the bedroom, more woman should be more open minded and playful in the bedroom, they would get a lot more pleasure from there men if they loosened up a bit. I enjoy how turned on my husband gets when I start to dress him, I know he will be more than willing to please me when I have completed dressing him. Having sex while both dressed feels so good, the combination of the fabrics rubbing together feels so good. Check out our profile for more about us.
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4 Responses Apr 9, 2012

Yes I am Sweetie, and very proud to have her..it took me 30 years to finfd one and it just happened.

He is one lucky guy wish I could find a woman like you.

This is so becoming me and my wife, We were just IM'ing and talking about going out shopping this weekend for some new jeans for both of us. and she is schedualing an appointment for our mani / pedi.for Saturday!! Im such a lucky bit83

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.<br />
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You are more than 100% right... I am very attentive when in female clothes and my wife knows it.