I have always fantasized about dressing, looking and living as a woman but until a year ago I  would only dress occasionally but I was still living my life as a man waring men's clothing more often then not then a year ago after being out of work for quit a while I decided to move to another city to find work and start dressing more feminine and let my hair grow long .Because I did not have an income I ended up living in an all male homeless shelter making my transition to feminine clothing slower and more difficult but  was sticking with my plan to dress feminine as much as I could without stepping on to many toes .I have gotten rid of most of my male clothing and I am not waring Worms's pants ' Capri's and blouses as long as they do not look to feminine but no skirts or dresses. I just went to my first session with a councilor to eventualy get on hormons but this proses is going to be extermly slow do to my lack of money I could use some help. i will update my progress once and a while 
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May 12, 2012