My Dressing As A Girl

My like of dressing as a girl/woman started when I was about 13/14yrs old & I nicked a pair of tights/pantyhose that belonged to a school mate's sister
and after trying them on I found out that I liked wearing them so as I had a paper round I decided to start buying my own, it was not until a few years later
that I got fed up wearing just tights/pantyhose on their own I thought it was time to go out & buy some bras & panties to wear along with them, so I bought myself 3 sets of matching bra & panties, and now it felt much better wearing my tights/pantyhose, I soon got fed up with not having any skirts/dresses to wear along with my bra & panties,tights/pantyhose so that I could dress fully as a girl/woman I just had to go out & buy a couple of skirts & dresses.

It now felt great being able to dress fully as a girl/woman, over the years I have built up quite a collection of skirts/dresses,bras,pantiesĀ 
as I am out of work at the moment & live on my own all the time indoors is spent dressed in girls/women's clothing

xdpaul xdpaul
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1 Response May 25, 2012

I started off with pantyhose as well. And then my crossdressing desires expanded from there. Today, I have my own little wardrobe with dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, lingerie, hosiery, high heels, etc. It's great fun.

You are quite right about it being great fun, not into high heels or suits, but give me a skirt/dress,hosiery,bra & panties & I will quite happily wear them all day