I Have A Double Personality

Hi everyone, I like to begin by saying that I'm a straight guy in the eyes of many people. Actually I believe that I'm straight cause I don't like guys at all. I love women and I love the great stuff the get to wear. I think is unfair that our male clothes, shoes and accessories are so boring and plane.

Since I was 13 I started wearing my mothers shoes and pantyhose, it was a great feeling then and still is. Nothing in my life have had the same power. As the time passed by and I grew up, I became more daring about my fetish, now 42 I still wear them and the feeling is equally great. I guess the big difference is that now I don't care anymore about hiding nor I feel guilty or bad. I finally accepted that I love to feel like a woman from time to time. I love when I have the rare chance to fully dress with makeup, wig and the whole nine yards.

I live in Vegas and the people is more tolerant here. I have crossed the casinos of many resorts wearing booty shorts, pantyhose, 7" heels and people barely look. I have visited many hot straight guys in there rooms as my alter ego Gina and those guys made me feel like a real woman. The funny thing is that I only feel that way when I'm dressed. For some reason I think like a woman when I dress, I even act very feminine and my voice sound very sexy.

I have done this for years now and I still look at women and my wife with the same desire. I love been a man and do the things I do with my family and friends. I love playing naughty games with my wife and she excites me all the time, but I equally enjoy been Gina and I feel happy, complete and excited as a man and as a woman. I try to stay in shape so I look good both ways.

My wife is ok with me wearing pantyhose and heels as a sexual fetish and she knows that once in a while I become Gina and play with guys. I know it must sound crazy but that's my truth and just wanted to share it.
lvlonglegs lvlonglegs
Sep 6, 2012