I Like Crossdressing

I like dressing up in girl 's clothing.  I like it a lot and have been doing it now for many years.  It is really  a lot of fun to dress in dresses and skirts and girls tops or blouses.   I  feel I am who i am when dressed as a girl. 

Girls clothes provide the opportunity to be a free spirit while dressed in heels, flats, boots, panties nylons, girdles, bras,  tights dresses, jeans, slacks, skirts,  or blouses.  I can be free to be myself 
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

It's a really great hobby and can bring countless hours of enjoyment.

It sure can.

Agree with you 100%. Love wearing mine everyday!! Just feels so right!!

Thank-you, yes it does.

Absolutly !! You gotta to live like that otherwise life would be miserable. Be happly girly dressed does you good healthwise.


There is nothing like it and nothing wrong with it. How dull life would be if we couldn't do it. Just be yourself and enjoy life.

Hi Nita, Good advice.