My Girl Is Me

I absolutly love dressing like a girl. I could live like that the rest of my life. I do most of the time now but not enought. I want to all of the time.
Veronicatwo Veronicatwo
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I know the feeling all to well. I want to be gurly all the time forever!!!

hello my name is jenifer. i am diagnosed with gender disproria. and the drs here are amazing im on my second month full time out it feels so good to really be me im on hormones prescribbe by my physician and the way i feel on the inside is so amazing i was just aproved tfor the first surgery with letters of recommendation my urologist will do a bilater orchestomy to get rid of the poisen they put into my body i not only look very fem i am a girl y girl and its was never fearfull wondering if someone would know because no one did not even the store i frequent my state is so amazung on the laws of privacy in 3 months i legaly become jennifer and they are changing my birth circutificate and destroying all records of my old life new social and dl number. i truly get to change in privacy closed locked door hearing im so blessed and fortunate i live in such an amazing area. i wish you luck and im glade you have fun after all we only live once

I understand, Veronica, and believe me it is great. Is it better for men? Well it takes them less time to dress and get ready. But not as much fun as slipping on sexy lingerie and wearing pretty femmine clothes, with my hair brushed and a little makeup, I am ready to face the world.

Fabulous sweetie

You are so right. I wish I could dress fulltime especially at work. I wouldn't have to wait to become my fem self. Shopping would be a lot more fun to