When I'm Alone

I've been dressing up whenever I'm alone for more years than I care to remember. First it was just my mother's slip. Then while a teenager I dressed in my sister's crinolines and skirts. I even wore a bra and her sleeveless blouses that were popular in the 50's. I probably could have gotten away with looking like a girl, but I was too afraid to try. I just had a great time dressed as a girl. I remember in high school coming home alone for lunch and putting on a skirt (with crinolines) eating lunch dressed up and then changing to go back to school.
Now that I'm married I dress up whenever I'm alone. I often go out, but always at night and always covered. I do go out to do errands in a skirt, but that's when I don't have to get out of the car. I did go out in a skirt one time when I was at a motel out town. I would spend all my time indoors in a skirt. This day I just wanted to go outside dressed up. I went out the door and headed for my car. I think someone saw me because I heard a gasp behind me. I didn't look back. But, of course, after I went on my drive I had to walk back from the parking lot to my room in a skirt. It was really exciting.
Susieq39 Susieq39
66-70, M
Dec 2, 2012