Yes I Like Dressing Up As A Female

I didn't do anything such thing until age 13  and I wore a bra to school because of the dare!   I didn't tell anyone about my feelings about wearing a bra.  I bought the bra at Zellers.   When buying it I was embarrassed so I hid it in my coat utill I got to the cashiers and then I paid for it.  Apparently there are no watchers near the cashiers  cause  shortly afterwards I got accused of stealing it!   He didn't believe me about me being embarrassed.
 I lied to the cashier said the bra was for my sister.   Well when I wore the bra to school  one guy said thought he'd chicken out  I guess he must be gay.
after that I only wore the bra in secret.   About a year later  I thought  why shouldn't i try a dress on?  My sister had been swiping my pants.  I borrowed one of her tops and Liked the feel of it.  I kept quite about this. AFew years Later My Mom caught me dressed up as a woman and took a few punches at me and then took me to the Psych hospital.  I was there for 6 months.   Afterwards  my life was boring.   But 4 months later I got the nerve to get a dress and wear it!  I was a closet crossdresser then.  I like the feelings.  I think one of my sisters seen me and pretended not to notice. Not till later i tried on panties and nylons too.   Once  i took a ride on the greyhound bus dressed as a woman.  I forgot about one thing  my shoes.  They were mens and that was a dead give away.  I should've worn woman's shoes.  I was young enough so I didn't have to shave.   Another time I went to the threatre  dressed as a woman...  no one said anything.
I did have a problem when I needed to go to the can.   I did have make up on and woman's shoes  then.. i managed to use the womans washroom and no one said anything.  Unfortunately after the theatre it started to rain and my cheap make up and wig got all messed up and the wet clothes started to reveal that I was male.  I had to go in to the nearest restaurant washroom and change.  I had a pair of shorts and shirt in my purse.  I put those on!  Then had a coffee in the restaurant.  I then afterwards took the bus home. 
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Have fun! I think you should do what makes you happy. You're not hurting anyone. Live you life!

how on earth could your parents send u to hospital 4 six m.r d ok.srry to say that but theyre insane.u have a life.

Ah to be young again ... well maybe and maybe not.