New Year Challenge

Grandma Monica wants to challenge all of you little sissy wannabees to take one small step from malehood and one large step into the world of womanhood. That challenge is to quit stopping at those tempting urinals in the men's powder rooms. I know it is very tempting to stop there unzip the male pants you are wearing and fish the tiny sister sized ****** you have out and **** right there. I challenge you to instead go on past them to the stalls where the commodes are. Open the door, lock it, unzip your ladies designed pants - zippers either on the side or in the back - pull them and your panties down, then sit to **** like sis. We women have to do it I think you sissy wannabees should too. Remember to wipe clean afterwards to keep your pretty panties dry and clean. I would love to hear of your experiences with this.

grandmamonica grandmamonica
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I've been sitting to pee for over twenty years. I love your suggestion!!
Hugs, Michelle

Gross, a lot of men **** on the damn seat.hehe

One reason why men should sit to ****. They cannot or will not control that little fire hose.

Sorry I'm not going to stop being me. I like ******* standing up in heels.hehe its sexxy and different.

Yes, it makes guys get a hard-on and want to f-ck me more.hehe striaght/gay..doesn't matter to me.

Granny is glad you are wearing heels they will help keep your feet elevated and dry while you are ******* don't forget your galoshes when you really have to go. hehe

Maybe you can unzip me and let me run around in my garter in the boys bathroom. Hehe

Oh my where is my hand fan? In your wildest dream - Granny is not that type of woman. hehe

So you're scared. You dress in women clothes and still scared? I don't bite

SCARED?? Granny is never scared. Granny needs her fan for it is getting heated up - to cool you down. Of course Granny dresses in women's clothes - I have worn feminine clothing since birth. I grew up my Granny's "Good Girl" and have remained that way. Just it ain't gonna happen nobody gets what is inside Granny's granny panties.
Just Must Love


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Sweetie, I have been sitting to pee for years. It is actually much more comfortable. Easier too if you are wearing pantyhose or even stockings. But I have looked for back zip pants ,or jeans better yet in large tall sizes for years and can't find them anywhere. Do you have a suggestion on where to shop for some? Womens size 20 tall are a perfect tight fit. But can't find at Lane Bryant or Avenue. Though they have plenty of other clothes I enjoy trying on, they are TG friendly. girdlequeen22

I am sorry sweetheart I suppose that could be difficult the tall part. Men are often taller than women. I am short and wear a 14 petite. Sometimes I even have to hem them because they are too long.

I don't suppose shorter pants would hurt if worn with boots, pants could be tucked into boots, or wear them 3-4 inches high to expose a little glimpse of boot. Thanks !

Thank You Granny for putting this challenge before this sissy. It is clearly something i need to do in order to surrender a little of my malehood and accept the sissy i am. This sissy has started to follow the instructions, but the temptation to use the urinals is difficult to resist. Do you suggest any disipline this sissy could use as punishment if she fails to resist the temptation.

No punishment my little on. The choice is really yours. However if you are telling me that you are stretching that sister sized ****** trying to be ladylike while ******* like a mister in a urinal? It is really not a urinall you know. Granny will hope that the same thing does not happen to you that happened to another one of her granddaughters. One day one of my little granddaughters was trying to make her sister sized ****** reach the urinal just so she could **** like a mister instead of a sister. Alll of a sudden that little ****** just popped off. The little sissy became a missy. Now she has to sit to **** like sis. She now has nothing there to try to reach what she thought was a urinall and **** like paul standing straight and tall.

I slide my trousers down then the pink silky knickers, sit and pee, dry the end and dress again.

Granny is so proud of all my granddaughters who sit to pee. You who do so are such good girls.
Love Granny

I always do what Granny wants.

You are Granny's favorite granddaughter. You are such a good girl!

Big Pink Silky Bloomers on today.

sounds pretty and comfy, sweetie.

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i all readly do that most of the time

Granny is so proud of all my granddaughters who sit to pee. You who do so are such good girls.
Love Granny