Dressing Up ,take Some Time!

Hi,Connie again ,just a few thoughts on dressing up , as a male much time is needed as we crossdressers aren't always so feminine to begin with, so little details must be addressed by us. As a female ,a women has a head start! But if you are going out gals , don't sell yourself short on time. it can be fun ,if you don't turn it into work by rushing thru the process. Draw a nice hot bath ,and some salts or bubbles relax, shave those legs get them softer than silk. when your done stay in a nice robe and paint those toes and fingers, take your time,let them dry good, Ok lets get dressed ,I suggest something sexy, this isn't for him,girls this is for you. A matching bra and panties is the rule ,we don't want to look as though we grabbed anything and just threw it on! Now only if you dare ,a matching garter belt and some silky stockings,ok lets get that makeup on. ladies not just lipstick ,your going glam, pull out that war paint. We need foundation,eye shadow,liner and mascara. we need lipstick and gloss and lets not forget the blush. Go slow time is needed to achieve the look we want. get out that dress ,shoes and jewelry you'll want to wear. check on your hair,perfect ,good!! now wasn't that fun. Now all that needs to be done is to go to that special event AND KNOCK EM DEAD !!!!
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2011

It's practice practice practice gurls. The more you do it the easier and faster it gets.<br />
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I would like to ask Connie where can I find false nails to fit a man's nails. The ones at most stores only fit small hands.

If you're going out, you don't want to sell yourself short but you don't want to dress like your selling yourself either. I see you're in the 56-60 age group so getting your sexy on might feel good but it might also attract the wrong kind of attention. <br />
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Sometimes the sexy matching lingerie set might not be the best thing to wear if your going out. Yes they may look and feel sexy but if you're going out your outward appearance is more important..so maybe instead of lacy lingerie you should be slpping into some body shapewear to give you the mist feminine figure. Hey even the celebrities on the red carpet do it!

My mani/pedi girl moved out last year to live with her boyfriend far, far away, effectively deserting her needy mommie! LOL!