Transgendered Lady In Dallas

hi everyone,

I go by Rafi and I love to dress up and embrace my feminine side. I was diagnosed as having gender dysphoria. This basically means that my brain is wired as a female but am in a male body. My soul is totally female as well. I have been on hormones for many years and dress up every day. Although I don't go out completely dressed, I always wear a little make up and only wear women's jeans, tops, etc. I live in Dallas, TX and would love to meet other gurls like myself or some real women that are attracted to transgendered ladies.
Rafi47 Rafi47
61-65, M
1 Response Dec 26, 2011

Welcome to EP, hi i am also a T girl much like you i tried adding you to my circle but Ep would not let me if you would like to be friends i think you have to add me first,