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What Got Me Started

For me my story as a straight crossdresser began around the age of 5. I was always fascinated by tights, the way they looked on girls and me , the way they felt on my skin, and the overall hugging feeling they had on my legs. I started out with just wearing tights under my pants when I stayed over at my cousins house because at the time I was an only child and my mom never really wore any so i couldnt borrow hers. It wasn't until age 10 that I started experimented with wearing tights with actual clothing like wearing her dresses and her skirts with some nice blouses along with high heels. I never really experimented with make-up but I wish I did. I bought my first pair of tights at 13 because of wanting to go out trick or treating in my my outfit but because of poor planning it never worked out. The following year i tried again and luckily it worked out. I wore a black long sleeve blouse with a black short skirt with orange and black striped tights with high heels and a matching hat with hair. It was my one and only time I went out and I loved it. Since then I haven't been dressing up but I still wear tights from time to time.
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i never played dress up with others<br />
<br />
after i left honme at 12 years old and lived with my best friend and her mother we had this thing were we dressed each other if both home and no school or we picked ou each other clothes for school<br />
<br />
work we had to dress right and school well we did not push the limits excpe the first day each semester we wore matching out fits to troll for bullies<br />
<br />
but many times we placed dress up if alone with each other or we cross dressed just as much funny<br />
<br />
but then we had a loving nana who loved to dress us as little kids too so many times we both were running around in little skirts and ruffled rubber pants or we both dressed as boys with short pants or matching sun dresses<br />
<br />
but we loved to dress as each other and play teen games about we were not that kind

Honestly it don't hurt my feelings bout not dressing up. In my opinion I got to macho pass off as a girl plus after bulking up muscle wise I find it rather difficult to find sumthin that fits let alone looks good on me so I just stick to my pantyhose and tights