It Is Fun :)

I enjoy trying on clothes and dressing up. When I was 17 I won a fancy dress competition at the local church youth group when I dressed as a Chinese lady. The friend I went with was very ungracious as she had hoped to win the prize. I have since been to a few parties where you can dress in costume and I enjoy it . I would love to attend a masquerade or masked ball like they had in Shakespearean times. Maybe one day :)
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I love playing dress up too. Last time was w Lynn in was like 95 out and she dressed ne covering NY entire head and freaky clothes..she dressed up too. We walked to Tony and Terry's and there was Terry staring.then James pulled up. Lynn and I. Were laughing forever it seems. Wish we could all dress up. I wanna dresslike a mermaid or a roman and walk creature. Things could be different. I wish they were

i enjoy dressing up too!i'm a cross dresser,and like to wear formal gowns on occasions.I really would enjoy wearing a wedding gown,but i don't have one at the moment.Maybe some day I will? I