The Contrast Effect.

Normal, daily self: glasses, no makeup, no jewelry except my watch and one ring, pretty plain clothes like T-shirts and jeans

Dressed up self: contacts, some makeup, necklace and earrings, fitting (but not tight) dress for really fancy occasions, or maybe a nice top and jeans

The biggest difference?  Mood.  When I'm dressed up, I catch myself acting the part too, in little ways.

EPGrace EPGrace
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5 Responses Jun 11, 2008

You must look very good but not stuffy. <br />
<br />

pants with crease, no tennis shoes, button up long sleeve shirt, that is about as dressed up as i ever get.

Coppercoil.<br />
<br />
Hey, since you are a guy, what do you do to dress up?

i dressed up once like that, but got a lot of strange looks and snickers behind my back. doesn't work so well when you are a 6'3 200 lb man. in retrospect, the only thing that saved me from complete humiliation that day, was that i coincidentally dressed up like that on halloween. phew...

I Think you feel sexier and more fun when your dressed up. Even if you just put on some lip gloss and you just have your hair and nails done... you still look hott!!!