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like dressing up, thats a great heading, in my case being a guy dressing up is so wonderful, a whole different person, different behavior, different expectations, different look, i found out as a boy when i was introduced to cross dressing that i loved it, i love sex cute little outfits, feel so feminine, when introduced to it by a lover much older then myself by 32 years, i was sent to a couple of women who i later found feminized a number of boys just not myself, i was a very cute small young boy and i was seduced by a man 32 years my senior, i later saw that id been picked out and the whole purpose i had was to please him in any way he wanted me to, and learn how he wanted me to behave, the night of my seduction i was a very willing participant, he was handsome strong and powerful and i was just a young boy, i was a pretty boy and liked being pretty, when i realized that he wanted me to be a girl but with boy parts i jumped in completely, i love being treated as a lady most the time but there are those times that i like being treated as a ****, used abused taken advantage of, i love to suck ****, and to completion, i love the taste of *** and feeling it shoot down my throat, i love being put on my back and a man climbing on me and taking me however he wants to.
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it is always better with the older person for the first time. They are experienced and not in a hurry, They make it a very joyful experience. I had experience with a person who was only 7 years older to me and another with a man who was nearly 20 years senior to me. the man who as in his late 40s made me feel so good , i was looking forward to those encounters

Urmila11, thank you so much for your comments, it is better being with a older man for your first time, they can guide you so you'll have a wonderful experience, i didnt know anything about older men i was just a boy, he taught me everything i would need to know to sexually satisfy a man, ive always gone after men older then me, much older when younger, closer now but still older, i guess i like feeling like they are in charge, thanks again and sorry my reply is so long, could have written more.

It is ok huny glad u r enjoying your esperiences, while u satisfy and pleasure ur lovers