Its Sooo Fun

I love to do crazy stuff with my clothes ...  and i love to wear skirts .. im a total girly girl in a sense ..  I just feel so  much more free in skirts than jeans .. or pants but i do wear them occasionally ..  i sleep in pants ..  I love to do my make up too ... and paint my nails that need to grow out . 
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for me there is no point in going out into the public unless I look and feel my best. The way others treat and perceive you is like night and day when you try to make an effort.

i like to dress up to skirts are so cool I sleep in tights

I totally agree. I dont likepants and never wear them. Always wear skirts or dresses and sometimes tights. I love make up and shopping and never go anywhere without my lippy.

I am not a jeans and TEE woman!<br />
<br />
I need to be a woman at all times!<br />
<br />
You know,don't you of what I mean?

You're right... we're females lets look feminine!

I'm a skirt girl myself. Skirts, blouses, camisoles, flats or low heels are my main attire.<br />
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I love to dress up too :)

i love a lady who dresses up and makes the effort

I love doing all that. Saturday are my special day where I wear my best dresses and make my self beautiful even if i don't go out. I love shoes. their are my weekness.!