I dressed up as a lamington once.

< ---- Lamingtons.
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Sponge? Why would anyone eat a sponge? It`s all spongey!<br />
Is it a sea sponge, or like sponge toffee?<br />
<br />
<br />
{i typed sponge so many times that now the word sponge looks really weird...}<br />
<br />
(editor`s note: ...?)

No way - a lamingtons??? They are delicious though - they even come with a la<x>yer of jam as well.

Over-rated?!?!?!<br />
<br />
;)<br />
<br />
hahaha<br />
<br />
Lamingtons certainly *do* go out of date, maybe you needed freshly made ones? Pictures... I don't think they go out of date, but I think the site which was hosting that picture lamingtons (not me in as a lamington!) has gone kaplooey...

Me neither.....do they go out of date???<br />
I remember Lamingtons from our visit there....they were fine but over-rated I thought! *runs for cover and ducks down lest the Antipodeans take offence!* ;-)

The photo did not come up for me....DRAT!

What? *confused by the dots* Yummm???? Catc.... oh!!! *dives to his left and snaffles it one handed*

Oh my .... Lamingtons .... mmmmm and you dressed as a lamington ?? .. i just dont know what to say right now ... but YUMMMMM and Catch :)

i dressed up once - for halloween. okay as a child more than once but as an adult ... ONCE. i can't share my costume tho ... it's just too ... umm ... well everyone would be the same thing this year. heheheee

hahaha. i'm pretty sure that is the best ever.

Sponge. Cut up into cubes. Dipped in chocolate coating and then rolled in coconut!

What the HECK are those??? Sugar cubes?!