Good Boy, Naughty Girl

As a cross-dresser I like my alter ego. As a male I hold down a respectable job and to the world I'm a sensible well balanced person. That is until "she" comes out. I love being a very sexy naughty girl. I can do so many things dressed that I can't do as a male. I love flirting with both male and female and love watching guys squirm and get all hot and bothered. I always wear mini dresses and love to show off a little lace underneath. I feel free when I'm dressed. Its a feeling I wish I had all the time, but hey, if I need to frock up with makeup and accessories then I'm up for it. I like being naughty and I like dressing up.

pantiboy pantiboy
46-50, T
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

:) I love your sense of courage, how you feel comfortable with this. Beautiful!

Well said