Be Smart And Do Drugs

If you can't let it go then surely you shouldn't do drugs. But if you can be a normal person in society and go to work/school and take care of yourself and the people you love then do what you want. I am a smart person with a 3.8 gpa in college and studying is my life. But I love to get drunk and high with specific friends in a controlled environment when I can. I have a best friend that I have known since I was 13 that I've drank with (not at that age) and we do drugs together and sometimes we even have sex. I'm just open minded like that.
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I have to say I am of two minds on this. One of my interests is shamanism and I know people who concoct herbal products to create altered states for specific purposes with one other person there to guide them through the process. They also make everything themselves and know what they are doing. They are also doing it for knowledge and enlightenment.

That being said most people who use drugs now a days use them to check out of reality to avoid their lives and their problems but guess what they are there and even bigger when you come down and many people do this over and over to the point they become a case study for Einstein's definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). Or they for whatever need to take something to have fun or feel good. If you need that I think examining your life is more productive. Also you say if you can't control it don't use it. Well there is no group on earth deeper in denial then "functioning" addicts. The only person they are fooling are themselves and I am speaking as a former non functional "functioning" alcoholic. I honestly thought people did not notice I was wasted all the time. Even the tweaker living in a cardboard box will tell you he is in complete control of his habit. And I have seen cocaine destroy my cousin turning her from a successful business woman to a junky in prison, I have seen pot turn a kid genius who was writing his own software in grade 7 to me graduating High School before he started grade 9 for the 4th time. I have seen meth destroy a beautiful young woman. A friend of mine made a pact with some friends back in the 80s to quit drugs and out of 6 she is the only one not dead or doing hard time. A friend of my sister was killed by one ecstasy pill at 16. And I have worked as a security guard at a hospital and say a couple try and kill each other literally because they had been using "harmless" magic mushrooms. Do you think the Hells Angels MC have a quality control department and care if their product kills you? Just saying. This is not as simple as "being careful."

And I know just as many people who take their ecstasy pills once in blue moon or like my uncle who smokes weed sometimes and he is a emergency room doctor. Not everyone who has experimented or done/does drugs will die and ruin their life. There is a time to have your little fun on the side and then there is the time be serious and do work. Sometimes people can't separate the two and addicts are born. That doesn't mean everyone will fall into a severe pattern of addiction.

Just saying it is not some simplistic "be careful and everything with be sunshine and rainbows" situation. Not everyone does but legions of people do every year. Addicts are not born that is factually incorrect. Every human on earth can become an addict some are just more predisposed to it. And quite frankly developing drugs that reduce people to addicts is good for business for those who deal in them. Believing otherwise is a myth to make people feel better.

Not to mention the part most users like to gloss and pretend is not happening is that they are personally financially supporting cartels, and gangs and participating in organized crime. But that is the part nobody likes to admit in polite company.

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