Me Too

In San Diego there's a lot of tribes and reservations and i was invited by an indian friend of mine to attend his aa/na meetings at the Viejas Tribe. I was like okay cool. It was cool too, I have 2 dui's so i have been to a lot of freaking meetings and never liked them and never felt comfortable to share or talk, but this circle was small and some Indian dude that could of been a chief back in the day lead the circle and he had the drum. Not only did he lead the meeting well but he always had really good words of advice and a lot of respect and love for their reservation. My ex-husband is cherokee and so my kids are part cherokee so i brought my two younger sons to share this.

Im glad i did because when everyone was taking turns talking my youngest son raised his hand and he was 10. They called on him. I thought he was really brave because he wasn't even self conscious which is awesome! but anyways, it was so cute cause he was like talking about how his problem is being lazy and sometimes not helping out as much as he should, and that he needs to improve that. Also he said he needs to get along with his brothers better and after everyone talks, everyone says ahoo. like okay i guess. But that first time i took my boys was the best cause they behaved real well and participated well wyatt did my youngest. That was special that he made a breakthrough like that and didn't hesitate to speak his mind and what was on it.

Drum Circles are awesome.

frosti frosti
31-35, F
Mar 17, 2009