A Class By Himself

One morning in 1993, my clock radio, which was set to a country music station, woke me to the sound of the song "Fast As You." I had only fairly recently gotten "into" country music, and I certainly hadn't heard anything like the distinctive voice on the radio that morning! I was immediately "hooked," and soon thereafter purchased a cassette of Dwight Yoakam"s "This Time" album. After that, there was no stopping me, I accumulated every Dwight recording I could find, which at that time were on cassette, and I later purchased every one again on CD. I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Dwight perform live several times, most recently at the Greene County fair in Springfield, MO in Aug. 2011. I can honestly say that every one of these shows was truly excellent, Dwight just seems to get better with time! He is an incredibly talented, unique artist, and truly is "in a class by himself"!
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My two very favorite Dwight songs are Buenos Noches from a lonely room, and Streets of Bakersfield with Buck Owens (RIP)... love the accordion in those songs.

So pleased to see another Dwight fan here on EP! I'm basically an old-time member of the "school of rock," tho I did come to truly appreciate the country genre, too, & Dwight has long been my all-time favorite artist across the board!

Thank you for reading my story, & for complimenting Dwight! He was so great in "Sling Blade," which I've seen numerous times, of course! I also loved him in "The Newton Boys," in which he did kind of a "comic turn," & "Panic Room," even tho his character was a nasty creep in that one!

Dwight's cool. He was actually pretty good in "Sling Blade" too. Probably the best actor in that movie.

Wow, thanks! The song is on his CD "dwightyoakamacoustic.net," I'd love to see him performing it!

Check out dwightyoakumacutic.com "Two Doors Down" acoustic version OMG...you will melt, it via Zune....