The Complete Works Of Edgar Allen Poe

I have a rare prayer for the irrevocable fame and study of this man. Whose forceful ability to survive his tortured life,

rose out his need to still the provocations of the dagger voices.

By outsmarting their dire tiresome cruelties with the one care taken for coping.....

 He learned how to win his lifelong battles. 

 Anyone of us who may relate to an individual familiar with living through what had been in hiding, hidden, forbidden but driven to his truth with ease in a

practiced madness, words rescued him from all he observed, driven too, not unusually tho' excessively to drink, for dying.

whatever it was he tried to resist he  truly felt Intently shaken & sobbing silently alerted to longing, fulfilled.

This, the first of Life he had comprehended. Saving Grace burning away the pain & bane his existence.  All he knew of days he met & lived as 

lost & found & dreaded.

Transformed his faith so forcefully he flew into his first & final reality.

 to sink inside the brink if timeless Love.

I affirm and decree in the fact of Divinity's Power to Transmute and Transform whatever nuance remembered by a young 15 year old..

 Who purchased with purpose

Poe's Complete Works

 Let there be Light

Of the invincible kind

both Sacred and Divine

become the anchor that determines the focus of one I Love

whose choices demand  my silence & attention

Allow my open heart to intercept the unhelpful distress

Let him know the words for his Highest and Best

brilliant protection. Peace and perfection.

This sontaneous  & unexpected post 

brings me to remember all Life know Real and Sustained

Sustaining Goodness 


as always, shocked or not , I do copyright everything (almost)
copyright 05/24/2012 KMH
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May 24, 2012