I Hear Anubis

I have always loved Egyptology but I fancy the mythology of Egypt more. I worship the god Anubis, offering him wines, milk, cheeses, and breads. I have fallen asleep and taken out-of-body trips to Amenta (the Underworld of Ma'at) and spoken to Anubis in his human form outside of the Hall of Judgement. Many times I've made unconscious trips to Amenta but only one time implies the idea that i could possibly and unknowingly be hosting Anubis in my body. I wasn't trying to host him, I swear! I know that's too dangerous to try! But you'll understand once you hear the story...
Just another Tuesday night going to bed early for school. I lied down in my bed and sent a silent prayer to Anubis saying that I remain loyal. Then when I drifted off to sleep and lifted from my body in ba form. I rode an Egyptian style boat down a dark river and eventually arrived at the Hall of Judgement. Once I did Anubis and I retreated to his chambers to escape the watchful but silent gaze of Osiris. This time Anubis wrote on my fore-arm "hi-nehm" which means "join" and told me that he would be able to care for me better this way. Then I went home and got ready for school. Since then I hear a little voice in the back of my head, like a conscious.
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Anubis... I'm not very familiar with Egyptology. I just began to scratch the surface due to my search for my soul's origin. I have many theories, one of which includes close relation to Isis. To host a god... It does not sound like you are hosting. It seems to me that any ancient god has lack of worship and respect now. The few who still pray can be reached and cared for much stronger since the numbers are fewer. Maybe it is just that- a way to protect his people better.

well im sure thats intersting and i reccommend that you study language of Arabic so later it will help you in your pursue of arabic history that include all egyptian history and all those Pharaonic sc<x>riptures that you can find.