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I think anyone in English speaking western world likes email, and that doesn’t include people in the region who purposefully exclude themselves from western society.

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and yes, we have bus-routes and buildings over 4 floors and we even have a subway! LOL :-)

lol! I am from the eastern part of Europe. Many people (including me – guilty as charged) still consider us as Eastern Europe though (which is SO wrong!) because we were a part of Eastern bloc during the Cold War. Anyway, to somebody from Portugal I am from the far East. I always forget there is a world outside Europe… and that to you I am Central European. Or I should say Western European. Or I shouldn’t have said anything at all at the first place. Okay, I’d better shut up now before saying something that will make me look silly again :-).

Lol, exclusivity again :), Okay, everyone in the whole world that has access to computers and knows people who also have access, likes email.<br />
Just outa curiosity, what part of the east are you in? If you have bus-routes in your cities and buildings over four levels, then I would say that our standard of living wouldn't be too different. I always thoughts the term 'western world' was a strange one, because New Zealand is included and we could hardly be said to be in the west.<br />
It says on wikipedia: "Since Columbus the notion of the West has expanded to include North America and South America, though much of Latin America has more pre-Western influence; later still, Australia and New Zealand. However during the Cold War the core of the West was often confined to N.A.T.O. countries, today, in a political or economic context, perhaps the West would also include developed countries such as Japan and South Korea, etc. In a world religious context, some would include those faiths acknowledging Abraham, however this would umbrella Islamic countries into the category. Generally speaking, the current consensus would locate the West in, at the least, the cultures and peoples of Europe, the two Americas, and Australia and New Zealand."<br />
<br />
See how interesting that was? I'm going to say that the east has western living standards. I think of the west in the terms that we were taught in Geography, and that is the 'west' as the capitalist success stories and the 'third world' as the not so lucky. I suppose ‘east’ should be in their somewhere…but that’s like calling New Zealand the south… It’s all in your definition I suppose.

Do no forget about us as well, people from the east.... Trust me, we also love email :-) We stopped using smoke signals long time ago ;-)

I was too exclusive, everyone in the western world. But really, I dont knw what they like doing in france, dont they have some teletext phone system?<br />
Lets just say those who like it, do (no matter where they be or what langauge they speak) . Simple, cheep, and it tastes delicious.