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Click It; Don't Lick It!

Who doesn't like it??!! I like it Almost as well as a physical letter. Except you get jipped from R-I-I-PPING open the envelope! Same goes with licking the seal, and a stamp when sending!

But the up-side is: disposing of the "trash" is a Click!  ' Saving a tree today, is a click away!' Ha! I should be in advertisement!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 5 Responses Jul 9, 2007

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Clarification: wood fairies are likely citizens in their own social network. Not sure they like the loss of a tree, but they enjoy the benefits of fairy "urbanization" as well, I gather.

I think saving a tree is likely not your first goal in being environmental any longer. The government has been quietly monopolizing all aspects of the "Green" movement since our current president's second term started. Count on it.<br />
<br />
The way I look at it, I live in a wooded area, I admire what I have and use them as I need as far as trees go. Something about the story of wood fairies living their lives for us is appealing, but when your lawn is mostly moss and lichen anyway....<br />
<br />
Lawn mowers simply don't come in that size. It's a process of natural selection when it comes time to starting up the fireplace. <br />
<br />
Where in the biosphere do you live? Near water? Marsh/swamplands? Arid? Temperate or tropical rain forest? Or just plain urban desert?

You have mail!!!<br />
Hope you have a wonderful day Emerald

yeah, I love e-mail. I also don't get papercuts. it is so much easier. plus who wants to write a letter? typing is faster and some people have messy handwritting that is not so easy to read. my handwritting is good, actually I love writting letters. Mostly writting love letters on little pink papers, spraying them with my perfume, and slipping them in my boyfriends pockets or wallet before he goes to work.

most of my email consists of forwards and jokes i've seen a million times already. beyond that it's rare to get a 'real' email of substance ... if it's not a forward, it's spam. and i'm good with that because i've decided that NO news is GOOD news regardless it's method of delivery! lol