Eminem He His My Hero

My life

Is always listen to EMINEM because I love is favorite songs is NOT AFRIAD very good song & also NO LOVE that's a good one two it would be cool met him in person someday because I'm artist if he ask want see my art I will show to him if I see him in the real would I'll be too shy just met my favorite raper singer I know EMINEM is great guy I know he his very shy because I saw his movie call
8 Mile by the way best raper movie even he was hot guy in the movie I wish my life never going be shy but when I'm listing his songs
It makes me feel good inside when i listen NOT AFRIAD that's my best songs of EMINEM I hope someday he comes to California just met him that be awesome for me I'm a nice person just be some one friend .
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May 13, 2012