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Emo Boys

i really wish that i could date an emo guy but i swear that i havent seen one in my city!!!!ive seen only 4 years ago but i didnt understood what emo was....i think theyre really cool theyre not some ****** insensitive guy who thinks hes so great and would laugh if a girl would cry infront of him....i dont only like the way they look but the way they act theyre not afraid to show their emotions and i love that.....and come on boys that wear eyeliner are frickin damn hot i love them....i search in a relationship affection!i dont want a bf who would would grab my *** and shove his tounge in my throat every 5 seconds not to mention i dont want a guy to laugh of me when im having a problem if im shy to make the first move!!!i hope that ill get the chance to know an emo guy i think that emos truly understand what problems are

nobarbie nobarbie 16-17, F 3 Responses Oct 11, 2009

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Hellz yea they are the hottest ppl ever! AF!

Hellz yea they are the hottest ppl ever! AF!

i don't know about the make up but i am a sucker for emotional men, the ones that cry more than i do and feel with me.<br />
my last bf was like that. he was the wild tough guy in front of his buddies, but pretty soft in emotional situations. i loved it.