My Life...

My feelings are consuming me,
I'm starting to fade away,
don't know who i'm supposed to be,
I hope things end today.

My life is slipping slowly,
As the blade cuts into my skin,
The blood is steadily flowing,
I knew I couldnt win...

The pain is overbearing,
I could care less about my skin.
Its the pain of no one caring,
This pain comes from within.

I'm starting to close my eyes,
I'm trying not to cry.
15 years of misery,
And now i"m going to die...

~Casper Rae~
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4 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Beautiful words.

bud that is amazing<br />
<br />
just like you

wow, this is beautiful... haunting, really

Wow. Well done! As depressing as it is.... Nice. I like it...