"Just shut your eyes and trust me.”

Andrea raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“This isn’t going to be like that one time with the honey, is it?”

Josh shook his head vehemently, though he took care to keep his hands – and a mysterious package – behind his back.


“I promise.”

Andrea heaved a long-suffering sigh, laden more with indulgence than frustration. She shut her eyes and waited patiently while he carefully placed a pink nippleband on each nipple.

“What are you…?”

“Shh. Trust me.”

His thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple gently and it stiffened almost immediately in response. Andrea couldn’t pinpoint the substance, but the feeling of it was absolutely divine. It hugged her nipple and made it swell even more; she could only imagine how it must look, lush and engorged and just begging for more attention.

Josh quickly released her other breast and fitted the nipple the same way as the first. While he did that, she found herself reaching to feel how swollen and sensually tender the other one was. She bit her lip and turned her head away slightly, barely able to restrain a moan at the tingling rush that followed.

“Oh, God. What are you doing? What are these things?”

“Nipplebands.” His lips moved near her ear, then caught the lobe between his teeth briefly. “You like?”

Her throaty moan of pleasure would just have to suffice for an answer; it was hard to do anything else when his palms rubbed firmly over her perked and bound nipples. His thumbs rolled over them lightly, and her knees went weak; when he touched them again, she could only clutch desperately at him and pant for more.

Somehow, they made it to the bed, and Andrea was sprawled out and he stretched out over her, took her clothes off, with nothing but Nipplebands, and then he did the unthinkable.

His mouth moved from hers and started a chain of hot kisses down to her breasts. She said the bands were making her super tingly. She had to bite a knuckle to clamp down a cry of pleasure when his lips finally wrapped around one of her hot, swollen nipples.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God…” Her voice trailed off breathlessly as he switched from breast to breast, lavishing each with lusty attentions. All of it built up steadily, a tingling combination that was just begging to be vented.

“Too much?” She laughed, shook her head, and then grabbed his ears to pull his head right back down to nipple-loving level.

“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!”

And he was all too willing to oblige! There is nothing like some amazing foreplay to make it hotter.
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Dec 12, 2012