Well, my best friend in the whole wide world, Philip, convinced me to join Facebook. I set up my profile and added some pics... and that was it. Very boring! There's nothing to do there. =p

I like EP better... there's more to do here. And I get to ramble and such. I have no idea what's the big rah-rah about Facebook? Did I miss something cool? I mean, people use their cellphones for this site and it's everywhere. Even on commercials. I get why people run to Myspace, for there is much to do there and you can dress up your profile more and add cool things to it... But Facebook is...

Well, to put in a anime geeky way... After I finished the Facebook profile, this is the part where I would have a blank and confused stare, and a breeze would blow by. Then I would wave my arms and yell, "That's it?!" XD


Oh, well. :-)

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1 Response Jan 12, 2009

Ha Ha I know right? Facebook is so redundant.