Facebook Makes Me Sad

When I first got my facebook account, it was quite exciting. A few friends would find me. I'd check out someones profile to see how they've been doing all these years. Now when I go on there, no new friend requests, the status is filled up with the random thoughts of people I didn't actually get on with at school but I made my friend anyway so as not to offend anyone. When one of my actual real friends posts an exciting update I get a bit upset that they didn't tell me first hand. On top of all that I get the feeling that life is somehow passing me by. All the uploaded photographs of everyone elses drunken shenannigans, I feel like I must be missing out.

Then I come to EP. My life is rich in experiences, just not all fun and photograhed. Here I can share my feelings in a meaningful way and not have to worry that I am entering into a popularity contest.  I love interacting with people who feel the same as I do about so many things and I love when I can be of some support to someone. EP for me is a place where I can come and be myself in this supportive and generally lovely atmosphere. EP never makes me sad and quite often makes me happy. I love you guys!

Byebyebabyblue Byebyebabyblue
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I agree with you 100% FB just feels like it's nothing more then a popularity contest & most times some of us who don't tend to like FB or use it that often; often feel like the 'odd person out' since were just living our lives and not trying to cause waves for anyone. So I completely agree with you about FB & agree that EP is a much better place to share ones feelings about things since FB seems to be more about who's done what first then how you maybe feeling or what's going on with you; when it seems to be more about every one else.

Experience Project forever!!!!

i fully agree with everything you said. the drunken photos on facebook drive me nuts! i mean, you've seen one person passed out in their own vomit, you've seen 'em all. like you say, there's so much more to life than that, and it's nice to have a place like this where we can actually share things with more meaning.