Yeah, I Like Ep a Lot More Than What Facebook Turned Into...

Facebook was cool back in the day when only people in college or in universities could sign up for it.  That was back in, I think, 2004 when I first signed up for it.

Seriously - facebook saved my *** sometimes when it came to class projects and homework.  You used to be able to add your college classes to your profile and you could see other people who add the class too.  It enabled a lot of collaboration, a lot of, "Hey were you in class yesterday? What was the homework?" or "I don't get it...wanna get together and work on it?"  That helped a lottttt of people, and being an engineering major where lots of things were difficult, that "adding classes" thing was an awesome resource.

Then they expanded it to high schools, and there was almost an uproar about that.  Lots of people wanted to keep it for colleges and universities.

Then now anyone can join it.  That really sucks.  It turned very Myspace-y.  I left.  I've been off of facebook for a while now, but not just because of how it changed from how it was before when it initially got big.  Another reason I left is because I just got bored with it

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

you're right! ep is the place to be :)

ep is way way better! i only joined facebook last year, when i started college, and i find it to be a really obnoxious place where everyone behaves like petty little 5-year-olds. i try to spend less time on their now, and i feel much better when i'm not buying into any of that drama. for me, ep is the place to be! :)

EP is way better than it

ie never been to facebook. is that crazy or what