Oooh I Have a Whole Other Reason Now....

On Facebook, searching for me will only reveal my full name, my picture and where I come from.

Here, people can see my stories and therefore the majority of friend requests are genuine, they are people you can get to know, that you will develop conversations and dimensions of, and often transcend to become very real and true friends.

On Facebook, I keep getting stranger requests to be friends with them, with no word of explanation- so therefore I am being chosen as though I am on a menu.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I use both EP (wel obvioulsy) and Facebook. However, I use them for very different reasons. Here I can be more "me" and feel freer to share. On Facebook I tend to be more professional and practical.

i agree, i feel the relationships i have on here are much more genuine than anything on facebook. and i'm much more open to be myself here than i am there as well. facebook gets weirder and weirder all the time.

Em .... dont do face book ..... you on the Menu ? do you come with chips .....

Facebook is a resource for getting in touch with people from one's past. I've never had any stranger senda friend request on Facebook. I am an old man, though, so perhaps I just don't look that appealing on the menu.